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On Monday 30 April 2018, Wilko Jonker died after a long illness at the age of 58. He leaves behind a wife and two children. The Dutch military aviation and plastic modeling were his hobby and on this website he shared all the knowledge he has collected over the years. His hobby has been able to distract him from the persistent disease in his body until the last week of his life. The contacts with other hobbyists were a major support for him.

This website will be maintained by different people for as long as possible, so that other enthusiasts can continue to benefit from extensive content.

Lockheed T-33 display team: Skysharks

"Sky Sharks” 1956 - 1958 (313 Squadron)

This team was established in 1956 by Major J.L. Holtz , squadron 313, based at air base Volkel, in consultation with the chief of flight duty Volkel AFB captain Benjamin.
Major Holtz was the first leader of the team. The other members of the team were lieutenant H. de Roos, lieutenant N. de Vrij and lieutenant P. Snijders.
Major Holtz also developed the nice colour scheme of the team, which was applied to five aircraft, such as  TR11, TR-14, TR-15 and TR-31. The serials were not visible on the aircraft of the team.

Major Holtz had to transfer the leadership of the team to lieutenant De Roos, because of a course Engineering Staff.

Further changes in the team were the addition of Lieutenant Scheurs and lieutenant Von Eugen, who replaced lieutenant Snijders in 1958.

The team acted on several occasions such as open day at airbase Twenthe, Gilze-Rijen and Volkel.

During a stunt team competition on August 24, 1957 at airbase Gilze-Rijen the team won the second prize.
During the competition in 1958 the team won the third prize.

The team was abolished in November 1958, when the Lockheed T-33 was moved to airbase Woensdrecht and some of the members of the team were transferred.

Lockheed T-33A van het demoteam
Lockheed T-33A of display team "Skysharks" 313 Sqn airbase Volkel.
[Enclosed photo from BeeldBank NIMH. Click on photo for ordering information]