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In Memoriam

Klaas Willem Jonker
† April 30, 2018

On Monday 30 April 2018, Wilko Jonker died after a long illness at the age of 58. He leaves behind a wife and two children. The Dutch military aviation and plastic modeling were his hobby and on this website he shared all the knowledge he has collected over the years. His hobby has been able to distract him from the persistent disease in his body until the last week of his life. The contacts with other hobbyists were a major support for him.

This website will be maintained by different people for as long as possible, so that other enthusiasts can continue to benefit from extensive content.

Sikorsky SH-34J/UH-34J

All available models are basically the UH-version. For the SH-version, the ASW version, one had to add several things.
For example, a sonar system has to be installed, the sonar of a British Sea King can be used, as this was the same type.
The torpedo launcher one has to scratch built one and another, as no alternative is available, though Italeri has produced an Italian version of HSS-1N, which had the torpedo launchers added. The Dutch SH-34J's carried only one launcher on the left.

1/72nd Scale


  • Italeri
  • Revell
    • Set 04424: (in fact same as the Italeri kit) Sikorsky H-34G Heeresflieger
  • HobbyBoss
    • Set 87215: Sikorsky UH34A Chocktaw (Belgian AF, Aeronavale)
    • Set 87222: Sikorsky UH34D Chocktaw (US Marines)
Sikorsky SH 34J AKleijn
A model of a Sikorsky UH-34J, kit used it the Italeri/Revell kit, built by Adri Kleijn.


Building a model of the Sikorsky UH-34J, by Peter Banis.

Sikorsky SH34J PBanis 8 Sikorsky SH34J PBanis 7 Sikorsky SH34J PBanis 6 Sikorsky SH34J PBanis 4 Sikorsky SH34J PBanis 2 Sikorsky SH34J PBanis 11 Sikorsky SH34J PBanis 3 Sikorsky SH34J PBanis 9 Sikorsky SH34J PBanis 1 Sikorsky SH34J PBanis 10 Sikorsky SH34J PBanis 5 Sikorsky SH34J PBanis 13 Sikorsky SH34J PBanis 12


Modelling add-on

  • Cobra Company
    • Set 72002: Sikorsky H34 Choctaw Super Detail set (Revell/Italeri)
  • Eduard
    • Set E72-224: Detailset Sikorsky S58 (UH34)
  • Airwaves
    • Set EC72168: Detailset Sikorsky UH-34 'Sea Horse' (voor Italeri kits)
    • Set SC7245: Westland Wessex / Sikorsky H34
  • Part Etchings
    • Set S72-023: Sikorsky H34 Seahorse (Revell/Italeri) (exterior & cabin)
    • Set S72-024: Sikorsky H34G Seahorse (Revell) (Cockpit)
  • Whirlybits
    • Set A72116: Sikorsky H34 Floatation Gear
    • Set A72117: Sikorsky H34 V type front Undercarriage (Italeri/Revell)
    • Set A72121: Sikorsky H34 Auxiliary fuel tank and mount
    • Set A72114: Sikorsky H34 Under fuselage DF Loop
    • Set A72113: Sikorsky H34 / Wessex Doppler Radar Heads


  • Dutch Decal
    • Set 72034: Set decals for aircraft like Sikorsky S.51
    • Set Dutch museum planes 2: Decals for aircraft on display in Military Aviation Museum at Soesterberg.

1/48th Scale


  • Italeri
    • Kit 2712: H-34G/UH-34J.
  • Model Rectifier Co.
    • Kit 64101: Sikorsky H34D Chocktaw "US Marines""
    • Kit 64106: Sikorsky UH34D Seahorse "VX-6 Operation Deep Freeze, Antartica, VC-1, JMSDF)

Modelling add-on

  • Eduard
    • Set FE662: Detailset Sikorsky H34 Interior Self Adhesive (MRC)
    • Set E49-666: Detailset Sikorsky H34 Cargo Seatbelts (MRC)
    • Set E49-662: Detailset Sikorsky H34 Self Adhesive (MRC)


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